OmnomIRC is a fully customizable and open source IRC-style chatbox software, ready to be integrated into your forum or website. Supports SMF, myBB, AcmlmBoard XD and phpBB3!

Have a demo below:

Latest release: 2.12.1

Downloads: .zip » .tar.gz »

Release Notes:


  • Multiple channels
  • Multi-network support
  • Integration with IRC and Calcnet
  • Integration with your forum's authentication
  • Automatic updates
  • IRC-like experience
  • A whole ton of features
  • Websockets with fallback


Just dump all the files in omnomirc_www into a public directory, visit it via your web-browser and follow the instructions there.

Forum mods

  • SMF 2.x
  • phpBB 3
  • ABXD